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Why is family engagement important?

According to, research shows that parental or family engagement in a child’s education can improve their test scores, attendance, social skills, relationships, behavior and how a child feels about school. Why is family engagement associated with such positive outcomes? Family engagement works because it creates:

  • Connected kids. Family engagement helps kids feel connected to their caregivers, families and communities. Kids who are connected feel safe, secure, supported and are ready to learn. 
  • Connected adults. Family engagement helps parents and other caregivers feel connected and tuned into their children and communities. When adults are tuned in and feel supported by schools and other agencies, they feel connected to their child and more prepared to support their child.
  • Connected schools or institutions. When schools or other agencies are connecting and engaging with families, parents and children, they are getting valuable information about what families need, what strengths families have and how their programs are working. 
  • Fun! Family engagement events and activities are supposed to be just that, engaging! When families spend time having fun together, they create strong bonds and build trust together.

Excerpt from The importance of family engagement

Kylie Rymanowicz and Jodi Schulz