Uniform Complaint Procedure (UCP)

Uniform Complaint Procedures for Addressing Alleged Violation of Specified Federal and State Programs 5 CCR § 4622. Ivy Academia Board of Directors has adopted a uniform complaint procedure to ensure that in most cases all complaints are resolved within 60 days. The Executive Director is designated to receive and investigate all complaints related to the following federal and state programs:


Consolidated Categorical Aid Programs (Limited English Proficient; Title I; Title II, Title III; SB 740 Facility Grant; and Professional Development, SB1882)

       Immigrant Education

       Special Education

       Ethnic, religion, age, sex, color, physical or mental disabilities


Parents and students are urged to first contact the teacher and/or principal to resolve the alleged violation prior to contacting the Executive Director. Any person may seek help from agencies such as legal assistance agencies, local mediation centers or the county office of education. Local resources include Legal Aid Society and Dispute Resolution Center. The complainant may request mediation services before the school undertakes a formal investigation. Board decisions related to these programs can be appealed to the Superintendent of Public Instruction within 15 days of the Board’s action.


If the complaint is concerning discrimination, the complaint must be filed within six months of the alleged violation that is the basis of the complaint. For complaints that involve other programs, contact the Executive Director. If the complaint is not handled by the school but by another agency, the school’s designee will inform the complainant of the proper agency’s name and address.


The 2022-2023 UCP Annual Notification and Complaint Forms were approved at the June 30, 2022 Board Meeting. Complaint forms may be completed by printing the form below and submitting to the schools main office or by filling out the online complaint form.