Each teacher is responsible for maintaining a positive classroom climate that supports learning as guided by our Positive Behavior Intervention Support system, CHAMPS. All minor violations of class rules are dealt with by the teacher such as talking while the teacher is instructing, passing notes or chewing gum. More persistent and serious behaviors are referred to the administrator after parent contact has been made by the classroom teacher. The use of CHAMPS throughout the school in all learning environments ensures students are engaged and understand our expectations.

C - Conversation level

H - What a student does for help (raise hand, etc.)

A - Activity

M - Movement for student (seated, standing, walking with purpose)

P - Participation expectations

S - Success

All students in grades TK-8 have CHAMPS expectations laid out daily. This extends to nutrition/recess and lunchtime, emergencies (drills and actual) as well as assemblies and other group events.


For more information about the Safe and Civil Schools C.H.A.M.P.S. program click here.